Tablet Tech

With the new school year getting started, many science teachers may be thinking about ways to incorporate different kinds of technology into their classes. NSTA’s recent blog post, “Tablets as Microscopes,” by Martin Horejsi, looks at how tablet computers can be used as microscopes. There are several ways that this can be done. One way is to place a jeweler’s loupe directly on the tablet’s camera. Use low power loupes for small objects and high power loupes for close-up shots. (Jeweler’s loupes are inexpensive, and can be bought online at places like Another way to use a tablet as a microscope is to place the tablet camera lens directly over the lens of a traditional microscope. This will let you – and your students – view the microscopic specimen on the tablet’s screen. If the tablet is connected to a projector, then you can project the image onto a wall or screen so that your whole class can look at the same specimen. This is particularly useful for those teachers whose schools can’t afford microscopes for each student, and who have their own tablet to use in the classroom. Check out Horejsi’s blog post for more tips on using tablets as microscopes.


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